Behold the great and powerful Nafansaurus, creator and host of ShallowCast, an amazing show where all kinds of nerd crap is discussed and we all get very silly.
I am a huge fan of Godzilla, kaiju, the Muppets, and MST3k. I play World of Warcraft and Pokemon, I love dragons and crocodiles, and I collect all manner of kaiju stuff. I live in Oregon with my best friend and sister blackholegirl, and I like to pretend I'm an amateur cryptozoologist, among other things.
I also complain about fandoms a lot.


Still top comment and it’s been over a year. I HAVE to be able to put this on my resume, right? Or at least in my About the Author blurb someday.

I would go back and slightly reword it if I could but I spent a bad amount of time mulling over its proper phrasing in the first place.

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