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um, what the hell

My super old post about the “friend zone" concept (which I still stand by because come on. It’s true. And I will always despise the bullshit that is sexual entitlement) got picked up by a bunch of people and is getting spread around again, but the weird thing is that it seems to have been misattributed to a couple other Tumblr posters on its rounds about the site, and NOW it’s been completely replaced with a link to some dudebro’s long explanation  about how the friend zone is actually totally legit and wrong and bad and “feminists just don’t get it” and it’s all the fault of the woman. And I’m sitting here in a pile of my own whatthefuck not having any idea what happened between when I posted it and when it got totally hijacked. I’m so lost. For a while it accidentally was still pointing back to my blog, with proper attribution to me, and then suddenly it was a copypasta’d rant (and one one case a guy straight up saying “I didn’t read the original post” - which was still an edited version of mine, arguing the opposite point I had - “but I trust the judgment of the person I reblogged this from”. What the hell is going ON. And since it’s a reblog (albeit an insanely butchered one) of a post I made, I KEEP getting notes on it in its new “the friend zone is women’s fault because bitches be crazy” form, which is basically the opposite of what I argued, and I just have no idea what is happening anymore.


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