I am a huge fan of Godzilla, dinosaurs, the Muppets, and Mystery Science Theater 3000. I play World of Warcraft and Pokemon, I love dragons and crocodiles, and I write. I hope to someday write for a living. Sometimes I am more like Desmond Hume, from Lost, and sometimes I am more like Lemony Snicket. My name is Nafan and this is my tumblr. Hi.


The friend zone is such an idiotic social construct.

It basically says that if I (in all my penis-having benevolence and wisdom) treat someone as an equal for even the slightest amount of time, I am entitled to have sex with them.

Explain how this makes sense in any other context of social interaction or psychology. Seriously. I’m waiting.

I didn’t burn your house down so can I live with you?
I didn’t step on your dog, can I take it home and keep it?
I’ve never keyed anybody’s car but they would STILL get mad for some reason if I tried to drive it home! What’s THAT about?


Stop acting like reaching the absolute minimum level of acceptable behavior is a Get Into Vaginas Free card, for god’s sake.

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    To start off with, I like how you call us rude, condecending, and uncivil when you yourself aren’t exactly the...
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